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Today has been a good day.

First off was a trip to the hairdressers for a new look. I’ve been contemplating having my hair cut very short for a while now, the trouble has been convincing my hairdresser to do it. But today I was determined to leave the salon a different woman. Do you think I succeeded?

Exercise today was several hours of credit card bashing for a new wardrobe to match the new hair. Then a 30 minute walk/run with my mate Pip. Now enjoying my one glass of wine.


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Now it would be wrong to call Twigman the devil but I do blame him for my fall from grace today.

I had a long awaited day off work and Twigman took me out to lunch to ‘The Chilworth Arms’ near Southampton. It was my first real test since starting my crusade this week to lose two stone by Christmas.

It started well. We ordered two glasses of water, I think this was Twigman’s attempt at support. We then chose from the fixed price menu. Chicken Scallopini with rocket and tomato salad for me, sirloin steak and chips for him.

While we were waiting for our meals to arrive, the extremely skinny waitress delivered a basket of warm homemade bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I’m having a healthy salad surely one slice won’t hurt?

Twigman paid a quick visit to the little boy’s room. After passing the bar he decided a pint of Oxford Gold would go nicely with his meal. It seemed unfair to let him drink alone so joined him with a glass of Chenin Blanc.

I have to admit the salad was delicious but the four chips I pinched off Twigman’s plate were even better.

Smugly I refused the dessert menu and ordered a coffee. Twigman ordered the warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, b***ard! Oh sod it, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. “Waitress, could we have two spoons please.”

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Today I was at a work event near Bournemouth themed around the seaside.

I should have known better than to organise an outdoor event in Britain in the month of August. The seaside theme was to fit in around the name of our new development in Boscombe, called Seaside Walk. I’d arranged for a local historian to give invited guests a talk about the history of the seaside. He arrived suitably dressed in Victorian costume and top hat.

I was expecting tales of promenade strolls on the pier or Punch & Judy puppet shows but ironically, instead, he recalled the tale when in 1897 a 65ft long whale was washed up on Boscombe beach. As entertaining as the story was, by the time he had finished most of us looked like drowned rats!

We made a hasty retreat to a nearby hotel for refreshments. Cold, wet and hungry, it took all my willpower to resist the Danish pastries on offer.

I promised I would challenge myself to at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and aching from last night’s class I chose to go for a 45 minute brisk walk in the pouring rain with Pip.

Freezing and drenched for the second time, I was looking forward to a long soak in a hot bath. But after only 5 minutes submerged I had to get out. For some reason I couldn’t get the image of the Blue Whale out of my head.

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I spent most of today forcing myself to drink more water, apparently dieters who drink more water lose more in weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love water but I don’t enjoy the constant trips to the loo every 10 minutes. Someone really should design a catheter like contraption that lets you sit at your desk and pee while you punch the keys. Although I’m sure there must be somewhere in the employees’ handbook that says being ‘pissed at work’ is a sackable offence!

To stop myself getting bored, I need to have variety in my exercise, so tonight it was Body Combat with instructor Kevin. An hour of two minute interval training of press ups, squats, ab crunches, skipping, stepping and other torturous tasks. Kevin occasionally took pity on us and gave us 20 second breaks to replace the liquid we were sweating. Today I definitely won’t struggle to get the recommended two litre intake down.

Fortunately I had two of my fellow bootcampers, Hodges and Bacon, there to support me. Unlike me, both of these lovely ladies have continued their exercise regime since finishing the eight week Infin8pulse bootcamp. They’re absolutely hooked and I can almost see the endorphins dancing above their heads doing the Macarena. I want a ticket to that party please.

With mean machine Bacon by my side I huffed and puffed my way around the various circuits and gave it my all. Ab crunches done, press ups done, squats done, steps done, skipping erm and star jumps … well with all that drinking water I didn’t want to turn it into Wet & Wild!

Body Combat Babes

I don’t believe it, while writing this blog the dog has pissed on the carpet!!!

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The photo I used for Tara Cain’s post last week for ‘A memory’ prompt was taken on holiday when I was 20. A year and a half later, Twigman and I married and before we knew it, seven years on, our family had grown to five. After each baby my weight crept up slowly. I’d like to say they were huge babies but in fact the smallest was a mere 4lb 14oz and heaviest 8lbs.

Over the years, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve started a diet only to fall off the wagon, or in my case the cake trolley, a few weeks later. You name it I’ve tried it. There was the high fibre F Plan diet popular in the 80s and the cabbage soup diet that promises you’ll lose 10 lbs in just one week. Yes, at last you can squeeze into your favourite LBD that’s been gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe but, hey you’ve no friends left to go out with you due to your halistosis!

I’ve counted points with Weight Watchers, I’ve got my rather large ‘knickers in a twist’ whether I’m having a red or a green day while doing Slimming World. A friend and I joined the ever youthful, Rosemary Conley’s diet and fitness classes. I remember one time when we arrived late and had to wait in a long queue with other hopeful fatties, clutching our £5 notes only to be told they’d only lost a 1lb or, worse still put on weight. Karen and I looked at our fiver and nodded at each other. Our husbands never did find out that we’d spent the last hour in the pub with half a lager and a bag of crisps. Well we weren’t lying when we said we’d lost pounds!

The controversial Atkins diet is probably the one that I’ve been most successful with. Six years ago, I lost one and a half stone eating bacon, sausages, mushrooms and scrambled eggs for breakfast!

As with all of these fad diets, boredom sets in and I go back to my usual eating habits. In the last six years my weight has crept up and up and up. I’m now 40% heavier than when Twigman and I married in 1985. You could say he got far more than he bargained for!

I’ve dabbled with all kinds of exercise from step, spinning, studio strength, body combat, yoga, pilates and jogging. In July I completed a bootcamp challenge with Infin8pulse. It was a great experience but since it’s finished I’ve slipped back into my old ways again.

I was told last week that my BMI is 32 and should be roughly 25. So I guess it’s now time to put the cork in the bottle and the biscuit tin securely shut.

I’ve also set myself the challenge of doing at least 30 minutes exercise every day, whether that’s attending a fitness class, dance class or a brisk walk with Twigman and Pip. I’ll be sharing my progress over the next few months in ‘Dreaming of a slight Christmas’ blogs. If you have any tips or wise words of advice please feel free to share.

This week’s task for the Gallery is ‘A photo you’re proud of’ so if you don’t mind I’ll upload that one in January. Instead I’m using one of me taken just after finishing an hours session of body combat on Monday, one I’m definitely not proud of.

Yes it's big but it's not clever

I’ve learnt that to stay disciplined I need to set myself challenges and I also need the help of others. So over the next few months I’m going to blog my progress. Realistically, I know it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get back down to my pre-wedding weight but hopefully when Twigman and I celebrate our silver wedding anniversary at the end of this year I’ll be at least two stone lighter.
Watch this space.

If you want to see some amazing photos pop over to The Gallery there are plenty people have to be proud of there.

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