Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday


I always love Fridays, the weekend is only a whisper away. And this Friday got off to a great start. The lovely Gary from work surprised us with this beauty.

Christmas pudding cheesecake (with a hob nob base)

Gary’s well known for his baking skills so we knew it was going to be good. What we didn’t know was just how good. The noises that could be heard from the area where we work could be mistaken for an orgy!

Thank you Gary. And if you ever want to make four women ecstatic again just get your pinny on.

Let me know if you’d like the recipe.

Seems a shame to wake them, tip toes away.

Christmas 2010 is 24 days away.

Time to update our stockings, I was looking a little porkie last year!


The following photos were taken at the launch of a new cinema in our town. We’d waited a LONG time for this to happen so it was a big event and definately worth a celebration.

I remember we celebrated but don’t remember too much else about the evening, I think the photos tell the tale.

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Thanks to Gob for sharing this xx