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Silent Sunday

No words needed! For more Silent Sunday Christmas posts click on the image below.

Silent Sunday.


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Merry Christmas everyone. For lots more festive photos click on the image below.

Silent Sunday.

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Today Twigman and I spent several heavenly hours in our favourite store.

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Seems a shame to wake them, tip toes away.

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Christmas 2010 is 24 days away.

Time to update our stockings, I was looking a little porkie last year!

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Tara chose ‘Seasons’ for the Gallery this week. I’ve chosen three photos that sum up autumn for me.

Every November, Twigman and I return to our hometown of Manchester to visit my lovely mum and take the old girl out for a birthday dinner. We always combine this with a trip to the Trafford Centre for the annual Christmas shopping expedition.

The Trafford Centre is the sixth largest shopping centre in the UK and attracts 30 million visitors a year. As you come off the M62, approaching the centre, you might be mistaken for thinking that you’ve arrived in Rome. But no instead of the Eternal City it’s the ‘Spot the Celebrity’ city. Twigman got very excited when he thought he spied Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street parking her car. More excited even, than when he spotted Jarvis Cocker last week in Westfields shopping centre. Obviously transsexuals excite him more than bottom showing old rockers!

After spending several hours traipsing around and not getting anywhere except realising that we could get most of what we wanted on Amazon for half the price, we headed to Pret a Manger for their delicious Christmas sandwiches, that I look forward to every year, only to find that they weren’t on sale until two days later! I was not a happy bunny but had to remind myself that tis the season to be jolly!

The following day we woke to a beautiful cold autumn morning. It was the perfect weather for a walk down memory lane. The country estate of Dunham Massey is where Twigman and I spent many hours before we were married and even more when our children were young.

In the days when money was tight and taking a family of five to the cinema or theme park was out of the question, we would wrapped the three of them up in warm layers and head off to Dunham Park to see the deer, and if funds allowed an ice cream for good behaviour.

This time it was only Twigman and his best friend Pip. It may be that I’d not noticed before, too busy keeping an eye out for my brood falling in the duck pond or standing in deer poo, but the trees this year seemed more vibrant than ever. The park was packed full of families young and old enjoying this beautiful autumn Sunday. Despite the many dogs, bikes and occasional jogger we still managed to get up close to this gorgeous creature.

By the time we got back to mum’s we’d worked up an appetite for our late lunch. We usually take mum to our favourite restaurant in Didsbury called The Lime Tree. It was here that Twigman nervously proposed to me (we’d been married 10 years already). I’ll save that story for another day.

We decided to try somewhere new and my niece Rachel recommended French restaurant La Boheme in Lymm.

My mum was celebrating her 88th birthday and although she’s recovering from a nasty chest infection she’s a tough old bird and still has all her own teeth and most of her marbles.

She may not be a spring chicken anymore but for now she’s enjoying her autumn days with her abundant family. Happy birthday mum and here’s to many more. xx

Don’t forget to pop over to Tara’s for some more seasonal pics.

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