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Silent Sunday

No words needed! For more Silent Sunday Christmas posts click on the image below.

Silent Sunday.


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Show me the funny was the request from Tara this week. Am I the only one who had to read it twice, just to make sure?

August is the month we celebrate Goblet’s birthday and so we often combine this with a family party, usually with a theme.

In 2008, the theme for Goblet’s 20th birthday was ‘Someone or Something from the last 20 years’.

So ladies and gents I give you –
Geri Halliwell, Katie Price, Mad Cow disease!! and Amy Winehouse.

I also give you Russell Brand and Sister Maria.

And Borat and Quentin Crisp.

For Goblet’s 21, it was children’s characters.
So I give you Hong Kong Phooey, Andy Pandy, Barbie and Pink Panther

Peter Pan & Pink Panther

Cruella deVille & Mickey Mouse

And Pinnochio and Hong Kong Phooey

And the winner is…….BRUM

I hope my pics have made you smile, if not I’m sure there are plenty more photos over at Sticky Fingers to make you chuckle.

Please also take 5 minutes to read my earlier post to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness month – Busting out – is it all over?

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